Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Stocked Bow from local pond
Warm muggy weather has been the story around here this week and will remain in place until mid-week. The bigger rivers are running hot in the pm and should be avoided.  We have seen quite a few folks fishing the Lamoille when water temps are too high.  Monday night looks like heavy rain will fall but rivers levels are pretty low/spooky so that should help more than hurt.  We have been fishing bass in rivers mostly and the bite has been good.  The bright sun has had the big fish sulking in the afternoons but the smaller fish have been pretty active throughout the day. Poppers, heavy crayfish patterns, and golden stone nymphs have produced fish. For trout, terrestrials are a staple at least till Oct.   Concentrate on tribs for now until we get some cooler weather on Tuesday. Big rivers will likely blow out for a day or two but should come around mid-week. Then we are in for a cool down which will lend itself to some BWO hatches. #18 pt nymphs and #18 para-adams should cover this hatch in most local waters.  Otherwise isonychia, tricos, white flies, tan caddis, and golden stones could be present. Good luck!

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