Friday, July 11, 2014

GMFFC Session 2 Starts Tomorrow!

Fishing Noyes Pond at GMFFC
We're off to our second Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp session of the summer at Seyon Lodge.  The shop will be closed until we return on Thursday, 7/17 but we still have fly and conventional guides available!
If you are looking for a fly fishing outing, please call Steve at (802)999-4807 or Lawton at (802)338-0649 to make arrangements.
For big bass on conventional tackle, please call Matt at (802)598-5523.
We have a front that could potentially camp out over our region early next week, bringing some wet weather with it.  Later in the day Sunday into Monday looks to be the wettest possible stretch, so keep an eye on USGS gauges before heading out!  Everything looks great right now, but the big water could warm up throughout the day so keep the thermometer handy!
Keep the fly box loaded with PT nymphs in 12-20, Prince nymphs in 12-16, ants in 12-18, stimulators in 8-12, caddis dries and nymphs in 12-16 and buggers of all shapes and sizes!

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