Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brookies & Bass to Beat the Summer Heat!

With a 5 day sleep-away camp every 10 days over the past couple months, this summer is absolutely flying by!  We leave Saturday for the 3rd and final 2014 session of GMFFC!  The first 2 sessions were a blast and we're really looking forward to ending the 2014 camp season on a great note!...Well, fly fishing camp that is.  After we get back from this session, I'll be kicking off the inaugural session of Cady's Falls Mountain Bike Camp from 8/4 - 8/8, so no rest for the weary this summer!
Things around here have been pretty consistent weather-wise, which has been great for the warm water bite.  Bass really like prolonged periods of consistent weather.  This super hot spell should amount to some t-storms tomorrow and tomorrow night which could amount to up to 3/4" of rain or more.  This is good as we really need the rain to freshen things up!
Best bets are for bass, pike, panfish or any other warm water fish of your desire.  This heat wave puts the red light on the bigger rivers and even some of our smaller streams that just can't maintain cool enough temps when flows are as low as they are now.  Best bet is to just stay off trout water until things cool down or find some mountain stream brookies.
Good luck out there!

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