Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Perfect Fishing Weather!

The dog days of summer are coming to an end.  Shorter days and cooler nights are making it feel like fall on the water. We apologize for the lack of reports but after weeks of camps, tying, and guiding I finally have a minute to write about current conditions.  In short, things are just about perfect right now.  Terrestrials along with stoneflies have been mostly what I have been tying on for clients.  The only exception is in the morning when you might see Bwo’ or Trico’s.  We have had some mornings like that and the fish sure do key in on the small stuff when little bugs are hatching.  Otherwise, large gaudy hoppers and stimulators should pay off on the surface.  Flying ants are on and this hatch is not to be missed.   Generally, they will gather over most waterways but those waters near the urban areas tend to see the most of these insects.   Stop in the shop if you need any local hand tied ants  fresh off the vise.  On another note, we did squeak in an overnight trip to the upper CT river and it was nice to wear waders in cold water and fish over  tons of well  conditioned  fish.  We caught all 3 species of trout in our first 15 minutes there.  Truly an incredibly diverse fishery where one minute it can seem all too easy and the next minute your digging through your box scratching your head.   Well, around here, terrestrials, stoneflies, caddis, isonychia, Bwo’s, Trico’s and  white flies, should be on the menu for the next month or so. Flying ants, drowned ants, hoppers, stimi’s, para adams#10-18, Tricos, Zug bugs & Princes #10-14, Bwo’s #18-20, elk hare caddis #14-18, are all good patterns to have on hand through Sept.  Get out and enjoy what can be some of the best fishing of the year.

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