Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall Fishin'

Isonychia Shucks are Plentiful
The weather has turned raw and cool the past couple of days.  Water temps are just right although flows are on the low side.  We have been targeting tribs with higher gradients that have lots of pocket water and waterfalls.  These areas are way more forgiving in low water than the flat glassy pools.  I will be the first to admit we have spooked a trout or two this week.  It is inevitable with low water like this.  I have been fishing long leaders in the 11/12ft range.  Also fluorocarbon tippet is a good idea in these conditions.  Not only is it hard for the fish to see but it is stiffer which helps when you are throwing a larger fly like a stimulator or hopper.  Softer tippets tend to kink easier when throwing hopper/dropper rigs.  So, as far as the Lamoille River I would say iso’s have been the main game.  The rocks have been covered in shucks although I have not seen a ton of adults on the water.  Nevertheless, #10-14 prince nymphs and #10-14 para adams have been working.   It’s funny because some people throw zug bugs, others princes, some throw pheasant tails, purple nymphs etc. for this hatch.  They all seem to work, maybe because the fly is swinging so fast the fish are less picky about color,  I don't know, but no matter what, remember to swing your nymph all the way to the bank!!!!!   In the a.m. the bugs have been smaller with bwo’s, trico’s, and random flying ants on the water.  The fish have been tougher in the a.m. but still willing.  For us in the morn hands down the best fly has been ant imitations.  On the tribs most of our action has been on hopper or stimulator patterns.  Two other nymphs that have been productive under a dry are #12 natural and #16 green copper johns.  So, all in all conditions are good, just a bit spooky.  Wear drab clothing, stay out of the water whenever possible, make sure your leader is no shorter than 10ft and you should be fine.  Despite the low water we have had enough rain here and there to encourage fish migration and we tangled with some lake run fish recently.  With 1 &1/2 months left in the season now is the time to get out there.  We have some very cool weather in store and I would expect to see some stronger Bwo action on local rivers.  We have been stocking up on locally tied flies and the bins and displays are filling up so swing by fill up your box for what is really my favorite time to be fishing in Vermont.

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