Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bassin' in the Heat!

Nice bass on a Zudbubbler popper
Here we are on the last weekend of May and the Lamoille (and most likely the Winooski, White & Missisquoi) has already been up and over 70 degrees thanks to an early season heat wave combined with low water levels. Thursday afternoon we had some torrential downpours come through and absolutely soak many areas in the northern third of the state. The next couple of days show a really good chance of widespread rain, so let's keep fingers crossed for a soaker! 
It's been a busy season for us thus far with classes and tours. We offer a $89 class called "201" which is the best price on a well-rounded course in fly fishing that you'll find. We've turned on many folks to fly fishing via these classes and that is of utmost importance to us.  As a business that relies on natural resources to sustain itself, if we aren't turning newcomers of all ages onto the sport, we're not doing our job to it's fullest. Sign up for a class and we'll show you that fly fishing isn't all cigars, tweed and pricey equipment!
Z is new to the fly, but lit'em up yesterday!
Mike's lead some great trout tours so far this season, but yesterday was my first bass tour of the season and man was the fishing on fire! We fished for about 6 hours and had pretty much non-stop action on poppers the whole time! Hit me up if you want to get out and do some bassin'!
The Ditch Pickle Classic is even bigger than last year and we still have a month to go! Make sure to register before 6/2 to be guaranteed your custom DPC Tunaskin! Register HERE

Get in here for local flies, advice and instruction!

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