Friday, May 1, 2015

Green Up Day 2015

  • When - Saturday, May 2nd 2015; Meet at 9am at bridge in Ten Bends development in Hyde Park
  • Where - Lamoille River and tributaries (Hyde Park, Morristown, Johnson areas)
  • What - This year we've joined forces with Central Vermont Trout Unlimited for a Lamoille Watershed Green Up
Meeting spot - Saturday, May 2nd @ 9am - Be there!

Some of the details...
  • Bring wading gear
  • Pick a beat from the list below ahead of time and make a plan of attack
  • Bring work gloves
  • We'll be BBQ'ing afterwards back at the meeting spot in Ten Bends
  • Bring your fishing gear!
If you'd like to join us and help clean up our river, drop us a line at...



Areas to GreenUp...

Lamoille River, Hyde Park (Cady's Falls -> Ten Bends)
Approx. 2.25 river miles
This is best for floating with canoes 
(2-4 people)

Lamoille River, Hyde Park/Johnson - (Ten Bends -> Waterman Brook) 
This is best for floating with canoes and includes the Waterman Brook parking access
(2-4 people)

Lamoille River, Morrisville - (Oxbow Park)
Approx. 3.6 river miles
This would be on foot around the Oxbow Park river frontage
(2-3 people)

Kenfield Brook, Morristown - (Duhamel Rd.)
Approx. 1/4 mile
This would be from the mouth of the brook upstream beyond the Duhamel Rd. bridge, including the recreation parking access
(2-3 people)

Gihon River, Johnson - (Former "PieZannos" Parking)
Approx. 7/10 mile
From the mouth of the Gihon River upstream to Pearl Street Bridge
(2-3 people)

Gihon River, Johnson - (Powerhouse Bridge)
Approx. 1/4 mile
Parking at Powerhouse Bridge and working downstream
(2-3 people)

Lamoille River, Johnson - (Dog's Head Falls -> Railroad St. Bridge)
Approx. 8/10 mile
Areas of interest in particular are access points at Dog's Head Falls and Manchester Falls (across from lumber mill)
(3-5 people)

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