Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Now We're Talkin'!

Tuesday Tying Video = Repeat Minnow

Like a switch was flipped after a dreary stretch of weather, this recent warm, sunny dry spell has been a nice change, although streams not receiving any snowmelt are already looking a bit low. We've also have some very low humidity and high winds which have triggered fire warnings throughout the past week or so.
Green Up Day 2015
We had a very successful GreenUp (River Cleanup) Day on Saturday in partnership with Central Vermont Trout Unlimited. I'd say we had around 20 people or so show up to lend a hand cleaning up a watershed that many of them don't live within. It's such a breath of fresh air knowing that we have good people like this in our area that really care about clean and healthy rivers. We split up and tackled several areas of the Lamoille Watershed on foot and via float, including the Lamoille River from Cady's Falls down to Johnson, a large stretch of the Gihon River (which gave up the majority of the junk ...thanks Gihon crew!), parts of Kenfield Brook and several areas in between. Afterwards, we met back up in Ten Bends for some burgers and dogs thanks to Gary and TU! We'll be teaming up with CVTU on some future projects within the Lamoille Watershed, so look for details to find out how you can get involved.
25 hardwoods ready to plant. Who wants to help?!?!
On a similar note, I just received 25, 8-10' hardwood trees that will be planted along the Lamoille in Hyde Park. Hit me up HERE if you'd like to lend a hand planting and possibly watering this week.
The fishing up here in the northern tier is just starting to "heat" up with the onset of much warmer weather and lack of rain recently. There IS still snow left on the mountain and those streams that drain higher elevations have seen a spike in flow over the past few days since we haven't had very cool night time temps to slow runoff. Bugs have also started popping off with more consistency, so look for things to pick up in pace pretty soon.
Put down your phones when driving and have fun out there!


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