Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here Fishy Fishy

Well, we finally got a much-needed dose of rain followed by a much needed dose of cooler weather. I tend to hate cold weather these days, but I'm also not a fan of 85 degree days in early May! Most moving water (other than the smallest streams) is blown out or at least mostly unfishable today throughout most of our area. The ground really soaked up that rain fast and things are finally starting to look lush and green. 
First wild rainbow of 2015!
I got a temp of 62 at 10am yesterday on the Lamoille in Hyde Park. That's a warm water temp to have in May, but it looks like we have more seasonable conditions in store for the next week or so. Insect activity is starting to pick up and so will the fishing. Yesterday, there were some larger mayflies here and there, but nothing substantial. The tribs have been producing a few fish here and there, but no decent reports from the Lamoille as of yet. Sounds about the same over on the Winooski side according to guys I've spoken to. This is all going to change soon, so load up on flies and get out there!
Guided trips started this week and went well despite some questionable conditions. Give a holler and get your date(s) booked for the 2015 season!
Getting mixed reports of steelhead action up North. Some guys saying it's over, while other seem to think it's just getting going. I can say that I got a report today that the river was loaded with suckers. That typically means the steelhead run is waning. This spike in flows could trigger any remaining stragglers to get moving up river, but we'll just have to see.
We're excited to have just picked up a new line of landing nets made right here in Vermont! Sunny Brook Nets are made with Vermont hardwood handles, clear rubber bags and sell for only $99!! Get in here and check them out!
Sunny Brook Nets - Made in Vermont - Sold at GMT!!

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