Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Get out There!

Although it feels very much like summer this week, Fall is still showing plenty of signs that it is close ahead. Leaves are already changing here at a pretty fast rate, the nights have been chilly and the fishing is getting better by the day thanks to some much needed rain in the system!
We've been at the vise pretty consistently trying to keep the fly bins full of great, local patterns. It's always great to hear reports of folks crushing it on our flies! We do lots of custom orders and we don't bang you on the price, so give a holler if you need anything tied. 
Salmon season is upon us and we just get a delivery (all the way from Fairfax, VT) of some Clever Clyde's from Steve Stanley. Steve's patterns are super effective and generally don't last long in stock, so get'em while they're hot! Also keep in mind that, since our local salmon fishery resembles a mini-Gaspe at times, be prepared to see some poor "etiquette", be prepared to see guys with spey rods on a river that's 15' wide, and be prepared for guys to camp out at a spot all day long beating on the same fish. While the Clyde does provide opportunity for a trophy salmon, keep in mind (especially all you jaded by Great Lakes fish #'s).... this run generally sees returns between 150-200 fish! 
Best egg hooks around!
As compared to the Great Lakes salmon runs that see thousands of fisherman spread among miles of water, our salmon fishery is small and easier for law enforcement to manage. I know some great wardens in Orleans County that work very hard to keep the riff-raff at a minimum. If you see folks breaking the law on the Clyde, report it to law enforcement at 802-334-8851.
Speaking of the Great Lakes, things have yet to begin on the Salmon River. The river is at fall flows (350), but warm weather and relatively low water has kept the run from really starting. Once it does, that place will flip like a light switch from serene to sickening. When fishing the Great Lakes tribs, there are some essential pieces of tackle including, Maxima monofilament, Seaguar Fluorocarbon and Blackbird hooks! For egg and nymph patterns, it's crazy to use anything other than Blackbirds! Pick up some and see for yourself! All of our personal and special order steelhead egg patterns are tied on Blackbirds and they haven't let us down!

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