Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Much Needed Rain!

The biggest news currently is the arrival of some much needed rain to most of the state. As of yesterday afternoon, NOAA was only forecasting .25 to .50" in Lamoille County. Before I went to bed, the forecast had changed to 1-2" and we got an entire night of heavy rain and it's still raining pretty hard right now! Hurricane Joaquin is headed through the middle of the Bahamas and forecasters aren't sure if it will push East and stay off the Eastern Seaboard or if it will bring heavy weather to New England and beyond. If you come this way, please go easy on us Joaquin!
First Trout on the Fly!
The fishing has been great lately despite the low water. Even if the water is low, it's always a delight to have cool water temps and happy trout. This week we've caught fish on a variety of flies like pheasant tail nymphs, princes, copper johns, buggers, stimulators and blue wing dries. There are plenty of other patterns that will work, however, so get in here and stock up on locally-tied flies! 
The week ahead looks like a wet one, so keep an eye on the USGS Gauges before you head out.
Things in the Great Lakes have really turned on, so I'd expect the crowds on the Salmon River to multiply greatly by the day, if not the hour! Once zombie season is over, the crowds diminish drastically and prime steelhead time gets underway. If you're looking for tackle and advice on Great Lakes steelhead fishing on the fly, give us a holler and we'll set you straight!

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