Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Local Flies & Fresh Supplies

Heavy Hitters Tied at GMT! (top) Whitlcok Scupin, Stinger Leech, Conehead Zuddler (middle) Twist Bugger, Bud-Hole Surfer, Belly Scratcher Minnow (bottom) Crystal Zonker, Fat-Head Sculpin, Clouser Minnow
As we head into our 2nd full season selling only locally-produced fly patterns, I couldn't be happier with the selection we have in stock! It definitely hasn't been easy and we we're caught off guard at first when it came to keeping up with volume, but we've built a solid selection of patterns for for the local fishes that were produced by local anglers. The furthest our flies currently travel from vise to fly bin is about and hour. That's a hell of a lot closer than Indonesia!
Attention local fly tiers!!....We are looking for hard-body poppers for our fly selection. If you are a local producer of quality poppers, send us a message here.
We have the largest selection of fly tying materials in the area and it is still growing! We have a huge order of tying supplies coming in next week so swing by and check it! We've expanded color selections of some of your favorites like Northern Bucktail (over 20 colors already!), Senyo's Laser Dub, Select Craft Fur, Zonker Strips, Flashabou and more! We also have over 10 colors of egg yarn and a full assortment of Blackbird Hooks for you steelheaders. Now's the time for steelhead, so don't miss the bite with the wrong flies!
Get newskool with a sling pack!
Sling packs are in these days and I brought in a selection of our favorites, including the Orvis Safe Passage Sling ($89) and Guide Sling ($129)and the Umpqua Steamboat Sling($120). Say goodbye to that bulky old vest and get some newskool in your diet!
I personally use the Orvis Guide Sling and it is the cat's ass in my book! Plenty of room for multiple fly boxes, spare layers and just anything else you might need on the water.
We have a fresh batch of logo t-shirts ordered as well as some pretty killer new hat designs, so look for that stuff to arrive soon! We just got an order of RepYourWater hats in and they are sweet! They'll go fast, so make sure to claim one asap!
RepYourWater hats in stock!
The warming weather has many area rivers and streams moving high and fast. Play it smart and check the USGS gauges before heading out to fish. 
We scoped out some of our NEK steelhead fisheries this week and found light to moderate angling pressure. There are fish in the system and the steelhead season in VT is short-lived, so get at it! We had hookups on cheese colored sucker spawn and pink veiled eggs under a strike indicator. Good luck!

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