Saturday, April 16, 2016

On The Verge

Over 250 bins of locally-tied fly patterns ready to roll
New "cow trout" decals
What a day it is out there today! The shop has been buzzing today, mostly with anglers struggling for hookups in the cold, early season conditions. The trophy trout petting zoo in Fairfax has received 300 brown trout and reports are that of pretty heavy fishing pressure there. Fly guys that I've spoken to have had little success at the falls, while conventional guys seem to be picking up fish on worms and spoons. Most rivers are in the low 40's at best, so afternoons are best bet for warmest water temps.
We're really on the verge of some of the best fishing of the season, so hang in there and keep at it. The winter slumber is just about over for our local trout, and you're gonna want to be there when they really wake up!
Lot's of new inventory arriving almost daily, so get in here and check it!
Hendricksons are just around the corner----------<"(((><

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