Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Keep it Simple

Wild Lamoille River Brown with rosy spots!
We're on a beautiful stretch of warmer weather and it's certainly having a positive effect on fishing conditions! I fished a stretch of the Lamoille in Hyde Park yesterday and the river was high, clear and 56 degrees at 2pm. There were mayflies and caddis about, but the very windy conditions made it tough to catch them! I had a solid tug on a bugger and picked up the above fish a few casts later on an Ice Chub Minnow. Awesome fight from that fish and beautiful markings!
The fishing this week should be on fire. Things have finally warmed up a little and, although flows are below average, there's still plenty of water. Local trout are starting to look up too. We got a report of steady rising activity last eve on a middle stretch of the Lamoille. The hatchery truck was spotted in the Lamoille Valley today too, so get ready for the zombie apocalypse.
If you rely on second hand fishing reports to guide you in your local fishing endeavors, try a different approach. We have tons of water in Vermont, great access to the water and little fishing pressure. You don't need crazy fly patterns tied in third world countries and you don't need to learn the latest nymphing techniques to catch fish. Many of us just need to dumb it down a bit and keep it simple. 
Here's the "Keep it Simple Stupid" fly selection...
Beadhead Prince Nymph in sz 10-16. (the 10 is a good isonychia imitation)
Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph in sz 12-18
Copper John in sz 12-16
Parachute Adams in sz 12-18
Tan Elk Hair Caddis in sz 12-18
Bubba's Hopper in sz 10
Yellow Stimulator in sz 10-14
Wooly Bugger in sz 4-8
A simple selection like this will never let you down or confuse you next time you're at the fly shop or read a report recommending fly patterns you've never heard of. By all means...BUY LOCAL FLIES!

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