Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shop Closed Tomorrow 5/8!

A big-ole pile of Green Up efforts!
We had a smaller turnout than last year for Green Up (River Cleanup) Day, but that certainly didn't appear to hinder the haul! We had folks picking up trash from Wolcott all the way down to Cambridge and I want to say a huge thanks to all those that kicked in to help on a beautiful Saturday in Vermont! Also thanks to Gary, Janie and the rest of Central Vermont Trout Unlimited for helping get this together and for feeding all of the volunteers afterwards!
Greening up really makes you feel good but also makes you angry at the same time. It blows my mind to see how people trash our environment. I was amazed at how much garbage I came across on such a short stretch of the Brewster River above the shop, only to find that it was all coming from a house on Rte 108, like they just throw their garbage off the back porch...dirtbags.
Fish The Pickle on 6/25-26!
Water levels are looking really good just about everywhere. We got out and fished a Lamoille tributary yesterday after work and didn't have a ton of action by any means, but were able to pick up a couple wild trout on prince nymphs and copper johns. One very common mistake anglers make when fishing our smaller trout streams that harbor wild, smarter trout, is fishing in the wrong direction. Fish face upstream into the current. If you are wading/fishing downstream, the fish are seeing you long before you even stand a chance at making a good presentation. Game over before it even starts in that scenario. Sneak up on'em and your chances off success grow exponentially.
Sorry for the hassle, but the store will be CLOSED TOMORROW, 5/8!
Open 9-5 next week!

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