Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Tying Video - Skitter Frog

The Skitter Frog is a spin off of the very popular Morrish Mouse. Add a mono weed guard if that's your flavor!
Only 3 materials on this bad boy!

Tied by Steve Stanley

Danville 210 Denier thread -!/Danville-210-Denier-Flat-Waxed-Thread/p/41602151/category=10745023
Deer Belly Hair -!/Deer-Belly-Hair-Dyed-Over-White/p/42462289/category=10710097
Fly Foam -!/Fly-Foam/p/50596472/category=10745028
TMC 8089 -!/Tiemco-8089/p/67117933/category=10710145

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