Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Pickle Month!

Our buddy Mike T. crossing one off the bucket list this week!
Smallies on top!
We have been stuck amidst this high pressure system that's been blasting the heat and shining brightly the past week. With not much precip, our larger rivers skyrocketed in temp, getting well into the 70's. Not good for C&R trout fishing, so we've been keeping busy on the smaller water and the bass water. The last couple nights have brought water temps down in the am hours a bit. The Lamoille at 9am today was 65 degrees in Jeffersonville. Great guided outings this week with some awesome new and repeat clients! The low water, bright sun conditions have the trout a little stuck up, but quality presentations will still yield hookups. Ditch the larger thingamabobbers in the low water and go with yarn or a dry fly indicator for the most stealthy approach. Stay low and be stealthy.
Bassin's been fun lately, with the surface bite really turning on as the spawn wraps up. I had a great outing yesterday with some great casters that absolutely smoked the smallies on topwater! A couple tips of successful smallmouth fishing....1. Let the fly settle before stripping; 2. Long casts catch way more fish; 3. When the fish crashes on your fly, strip like crazy to keep the fish tight and lose less fish!
Stay low and stealthy in low water, spooky conditions

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