Saturday, April 13, 2019

April 2019

2018 brown trout

Welcome to the 2019 trout season here in Vermont.  We had a very long snowy winter and as a result we should see a great deal of run off to contend with. As of today, there is still 111 inches of snow at the Mt. Mansfield stake.  That is a good thing, as we need that snow melt to keep our rivers full and cold into the hot summer months.  South of rt.2 and towards Burlington there is considerably less snow and many more viable fishing options can be found. Info below pertains to fishing north of Rt.2 and in the spine of the greens.

 If you are fishing early season, keep your presentation slow and low.  Weighted flies and sinking lines will increase your odds greatly.  While you will see some insect activity, personally I prefer streamers and eggs until May.  Trout will surely eat nymphs but you must present them directly in front of the fish, as fish will not travel far in these water temps for smaller morsels.  Targeting steel head and pike is a great early season option due to the fact that resident trout seem slower to wake up from winter doldrums.  As far as water, try to target smaller, cleaner watersheds that do not drain a ton of water. While trout can be sluggish this time of year, some of the biggest trout of the season can be caught in April.  It is all a matter of putting in your hours.  Don't expect to catch 12 in a day but putting in your time can yield some of the larger trout the VT has to offer.  Larger dark streamers and sucker spawn will cover fly selection for a great many situations. I don't carry dries with me in April as it is rare to see surface feeding this month.  Good luck out there and I will report back on conditions as the season gets rolling.

Don't forget to check out the Ditch Pickle Classic happening this year on June 22-23 if you would like to have a great time fishing with friends on Lake Champlain.  Also, if you know a young angler looking to try fly fishing or progress their skills, check out Green Mtn. Fly Fishing Camps .

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