Sunday, April 28, 2019

Late April

The rain keeps coming this April and the rivers have yet to settle down for any period of time.  Most local rivers have been unfishable but there are some clean water options if you look around and or willing to drive.  Adding to that, with snowmelt and air temps in the 50's the rivers are still cold.  We have moved some fish and some have been caught but, this usually entails many unseen hours being put in with not much to show for it.  Heavy streamers and sink tips are still a good option as flows are still heavy for now and with more rain coming in the next week, I predict more of the same. The further south you go, the more forgivness you will find right.  In fact, I got a report that hendrickson mayflies have been seen in the manchester area.

Late April Brown
Steelhead have entered the river systems and the most action I have seen is in the Lake Champlain tribs which are not still dealing with snowmelt.  Flows in the NEK are still cranking but don't let that stop you.  The best VT steelhead day I have ever had, the water was high flowing and dirty brown and I was sure I wouldn't catch a thing.  The point is, you never know unless you go!  Eggs and worms are a good option for the duration of the steehead run. 
Within a couple weeks things should settle down and we will be seeing some bugs and some surface activity but for now it looks like early season tactics are the way to go.
In the meantime, don't forget we are hosting the Ditch Pickle Classic once again on Lake Champlain this June 22-23 and it's never to early to register your team.  You can find all the details you need at 
Also, for all the aspiring young anglers ages 11-15 we are also hosting sleep away camps at Seyon Lodge this summer.  There are a few spots left and you can find all the info you need at
That's about it for now. Good luck on the water and never hesiate to reach out for a guided trip with GMT or for general local fishing information.

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