Friday, May 24, 2019

Late May

A young angler learning the craft 5/24

Here we are in late May and the fishing is still behind schedule.  Memorial day weekend usually marks some of the best fishing of the year but this year, it is taking its time coming around.  Constant rain and cool weather have been the norm and picking your windows to fish has been pivotal.  Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury and as a result many people I have talked with are still reporting slower than average fishing.  I have yet to see a fish surface on a local river.  Mostly because high flows and cold temps.  There has been some bug activity each time I have been out but the fish don't seem to care to battle flows to eat them.  So, subsurface flies and streamers are still a solid choice while flows remain high.
We really can't complain after the dry, hot summer we had last year and all it will take is one hot, dry week and rivers could spike with high temps in no time. So, be careful what you wish for!   As far as hatches, Hendricksons around here were a wash but hopefully sulphers will make up for them.  Sulpher spinner falls of late May/early June really are some of our best surface feeding of the year so be ready for that with some rusty spinners in a size #14.
Very few Lamoille county rivers have been stocked but that is changing by the day so keep an eye on the stocking schedule on if you would like to keep busy playing the numbers game.
As far as flies, I am still in streamer mode with these high flows but weighed pt nymphs #12-14 should be producing better every day, as long as flows moderate.  Adams parachutes #12-#14 would be my 1st choice for dry flies along with a #14 elk hair caddis.
Today a client asked when the best time to fish here was.  I told him "normally right now".  Things have been slow to get cranking but every day will be getting better so, get out and give it a shot.

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