Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sunny Days

                                                                   Guided trip 6/8

We have finally settled into some dry weather and while flows are still above average, most rivers are in great shape.  Water temps are well below average, although the warm weather is sure to change that in the short term.  Right now, you really can't go wrong anywhere you fish.  All rivers are nice and cool, full of water and freshly stocked fish.  While many will note how the fishing is "heating up" in reality, the fishing and guiding lately has gotten much easier with the abundance of stockies in the rivers.
This is a great time of year to get out late and fish until dark.  It's light enough to fish past 9:00 pm right now and you are likely to see some good spinner falls of sulphurs and brown drakes. Both of these events can bring all the fish in the river to the surface and provide some of the more productive top water fishing in our area.
Guiding today was steady fishing for 4 hrs. with most fish being caught on buggers and prince nymphs.  We didn't see any other anglers on the water, nor did we see any surface action but, we were out during the sunny part of the day.
I haven't been bass fishing but I have been scoping some ponds and have seen many pan fish still on their beds.  With this warm weather I assume the bass fishing will turn on for the fly anglers out there targeting them.
In short, now is a great time to get out and fish just about anywhere in V.T.

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