Monday, September 10, 2012

Good conditions

                                                  Our buddy Dalton with a long brown

The Lamoille is still a bit off color but the trib fishing has been great.  We got some rain and some cooler weather and the trout have responded nicely.  I guided a Lamoille trib and we caught fish from 5-13 inches on Stimulators and princes.  Our friend Dalton also had a great day with the brown trout landing a bunch of fish as well as the one pictured above.  Poor guy had somebody's eagle claw snelled hook w/ leader in his mouth but D. cleaned him up and set him free. We had some very windy weather this weekend and there is a lot of debris in the water which is par for this time of year.  I only saw a couple of Bwo's out and about and not much else for insects. As a result we only saw 1 rise in 5hrs of fishing but no matter, fish were still coming up to dries.  This week looks to be dry with days topping out around 80 starting midweek.  No worries cause days are short and nighttime temps will be could.  This kind of weather should kick some good iso hatches into gear on the Lamoille and Winooski as well as some caddis. It should be a great week of fishing so get out and enjoy.

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