Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good times

                                          Para-adam's cripple I tied.  Works great in all sizes/colors.

Fishing right now is pretty darn good.  If anything its been very sunny mid-day and flows are low but that's normal for this time of year so everything feels right.  I fished yesterday and caught wild 3 bows on prince nymphs. The water was low and I rigged with a long leader (12ft) and a yarn indicator.  I am a big fan of thingamabobber indicators but when the water is low like it has been I prefer yarn or a dry fly as an indy.  The fishing was decent but not outstanding due to low water and high sun, I suppose.  Today, I guided I good guy from Alberta.  We hit the Lamoille around 9:00 and the water was 60 degrees.  We set up at some riffles and saw plenty of trico spinners in the air and also some iso nymph shucks on the rocks.  On the flats the fish were rising here and there to what seemed to be Bwo duns and trico spinners.  Hard to tell cause all the fish were on the far side of the big flat and I never did see spinners on the water. We missed 4 fish on a para-adam's #18 using 5x tippet.  The takes are very subtle and soft, throw in a tiny hook and that makes it a little tough on the angler.  We went to the riffs and got into a nice bow on a brown bugger.  We snapped it off at the net.  Just before we had snagged up 3 times so I can take blame for not checking that tippet. Whoops, rookie move.  A couple more rainbows upstream on buggers and then my client said he had never caught a small mouth bass.  So, we hopped in the car and took a drive downstream for bass.  We fished from 1-3 pm in bright sun and caught heaps of bass and fall fish with both up to 14in. all on brown buggers.  The big fish were down for the high daylight but my client could not believe how these smaller fished jumped and pulled.  Good times.  More sun and dry weather on tap so grab some hoppers and Bwo's  and have at it.

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