Thursday, July 18, 2013

GMFFC Week #1 Wrapped Up!

We wrapped up Week#1 of Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp yesterday and we had an incredible week with 12 young fly anglers between 11-15 years old.  I'll be writing up a re-cap of the week along with photos on the GMFFC website, so keep an eye out!  We're back in the shop for 10 days, then it's back to the lodge to welcome another 12 campers for our second session!  This camp is more and more in demand, so please contact us a for info about next year's camp.  Spots fill quickly!
Before last nights t-storms which pounded a large portion of our area with HEAVY downpours and some pretty epic lightning displays, things were really looking like they normally do mid-summer here in Northern VT.  I drove along the upper reaches of the Lamoille yesterday on my way home from camp and I could swear there was actually steam coming off the river!  We've now had many days in a row of dry, very hot days and warm nights.  Before we left for camp last week, we got reports of 71-72 degree water in Johnson and the weather only got hotter! 
It blows me away that we actually have outfitters in our area with complete disregard for trout that are thermally stressed.  Some guys are just out to make a buck no matter the impact of their actions.  At least last night's rains will keep these guys off the water for a few days while the mud settles on the big river.  If your guide tells you it is ethical to fish trout water that is over 70 degrees or to fish a cold water confluence where trout seek thermal refuge, he is full of it.
We have some streams that are blown today while others are maintaining fishability.  Keep an eye on the USGS gauges for flows and carry a stream thermometer!  Chance of t-storms over the next couple days.

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